Letter from the Editor



Howdy do, Doomed Monkeys! It’s your good pal Mortimer T. Myrrh swinging by with another kooky issue of the Saturday Evening Ghost for all the hep cats and cool kitties. Speaking of kitties, our very own Psychic Pet Pet Psychic went and got himself interviewed by A. Wizard on the latest episode of Wizard on Whizzin: Sound Only Edition. And if that wasn’t enough Merwin for you, he’s back this week scratching up some more great psychic pet advice. Also, the Joneses drift in with another installment. Sometimes you just need a vacation. Drop another quarter in the ‘box as Boozebus plays us another tune of zen enlightenment and just plain old good manners. Ever notice how people seem to forget to bring those when they leave the house? And of course, we have the Community Corner where our readers can stay in touch every week. Whatever it’s about. We don’t judge. In fact, I try not to read it! All this is brought to you this week by Girl Scout Troop 436 who wants to invite you to come on down and have a howling good time. So have fun, kids! And until next time, Abecedarian!


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