The Joneses #6


All You Zombies

A hologram of Holly blipped in front of Wolf and solidified as crazed, grey men lurched about the promenade attacking people in a crowd that had deadlocked itself in a chaotic rout.

“I’ve finished analyzing the binary from the ‘Peace’ poster, but it’s not binary code. It’s some kind of code,” she said to Wolf, “Or it seems to be. It’s a series of words with no clear pattern. Maybe used to initiate a program or unlock something.”

“Holly, hon,” Wolf pointed behind her. “You’re missing everything.”

Holly turned to see a grey man lunge toward her. Her hologram flickered, the grey man fell through and landed belly down.

“He looks odd,” Holly said looking down at the creature.

“He looks like he was raised in a cave. Grey skin and bug eyes.”

“Or a mine. I suspect these are the miners,” she bent down closer to the grey man, “He shows several features of prolonged subterranean dwelling, but his face…Could you stand up please?” she said to the grey man. Continue reading

The Ruiner "Easy Way Out" Pt. 5


V. Let’s Make a Deal

The sub-basement of Fourth Branch Safe House, Newark, NJ November 15, 03:13

“I told you, I’m supposed to be on vacation. That’s the only reason why. I’m not saying anything else until I hear from my boss.”

Agent 99 shook his head for the twenty-second time in the 15 minutes he’d been interrogating Vincent Harris.

“I’m going to ask one more time and if you still want to be a wise ass, I’ll have to, uh, switch my interview style, if you see where I’m going.”

“Sure, buddy. Whatever you have to do. You don’t want to believe me, that’s your ass- not mine. I already gave you the same answers to the same questions about six times now. Is my face that dishonest looking? I’m not sure why we’re having all these problems establishing rapport.” Continue reading

T.J. Washington In "Hoodoo, Hoodone, Hoodid Pt. 2



I don’t really like to talk to the police. My line of work routinely requires I rent a flame thrower from someone who is over 300 years old. Also, I’m dating a pixie and I just helped my best friend murder a mummy while committing insurance fraud. Talking to the fuzz is part of the job, though. No getting around – or used- to it.

” ‘Grease fire made worse by way of mummy interference’ is my best guess officer. Near as I can figure, the mummy stumbled into the kitchen and then, well you know, everything was on fire,” Sam explained to the cop in front of him.

She was a short woman in a big hat. It was the smallest hat available (Sam made sure to ask) and it was still too big on her. Continue reading

The Joneses #5


A Hot Time in the Old Town

Luna sat in the cockpit of The Starcrossed, staring out the window into empty space, trying to ignore the commotion in the back.

“Now, thread that green wire,” Holly said over the comms, “No Dad, the green wire.”

“This is green,” Wolf barked.

“That’s blue.”

“What color is this?”

“78.43 percent blue, 18 percent green, 3.57 percent grey,” Tycho croaked.

“See?” Wolf said. “It’s got green in it.”

“It’s one to the left of the exhaust regulator,” Holly grumbled. “The left, Dad.”

“I need a beer,” Wolf sighed.

“We just got started.”

“Beer will keep me from putting my foot through your monitor.”

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Psamurai #5


Domo Arigato

Cheryl raced in and out of lanes on the Ben Franklin bridge into Philadelphia, Carl’s trailer wagging behind. Plumes of grey and white smoke could be seen rising between the buildings in the skyline. She roared past a police car that slipped out of its lane and flashed its sirens.

“Great,” she shouted.

The police car changed lanes again and zipped past Cheryl.

“Great,” she laughed.

“Can you tell me why we’re storming back into the lion’s den?” Ian poked his head into the front seat. “We cross this bridge we’re in Vyx-controlled territory. He has the whole city in his pocket.”

“That thing is running amok on my software,” Cheryl barked.

“And,” Sophie chimed in, “We can’t just let it hurt a bunch of people if we can help it.”

“I guess that’s the positive upshot,” Cheryl mumbled. “And our stray dog back there needs his fix.”

Hunter put his hand out to Ian, “Hunter Yeager.”

“Ian Roland,” he sai, returning the gesture.

“Your name is ‘Hunter Hunter’?” Cheryl quipped.

“I never considered that,” Hunter replied.

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The Ruiner "Easy Way Out" Pt. 4


IV. Crabs in a Barrel

Home of Commander Rich Terbim, Ruiner Project Head, U.S. Army. Nov. 14, 2016 23:03 pm. Monday.  

Commander Terbim was hissing furiously into his telephone even though the party on the other end had hung up about five minutes ago. He eventually noticed this and slammed the phone back into its cradle.

That’s how all his conversations with Vincent Harris ended.

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Crescent City Creeps #5


And In The End


“What are you playing at?” Delareux grumbled at Rasputin who was holding Toli and him at gunpoint in his lab.

“Thanks to the many fine subjects, yielded by the streets of New Orleans, I’ve have finally perfected a serum that will give me an unstoppable army. Soon the Goblin Liberation Army will administer my Ichor into the water supply and the whole city be a mighty force,” Rasputin flipped a switch and the portraits of Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra slid up and revealed the preserved corpses of the same, in glass cases, “A force I will use to crush the Soviets, bringing glory back to the Russian Empire, to Tsar Nicholas and his lovely bride Alexandra.”

“You’re insane,” Toli barked, “They’re dead.”

“Is okay,” Rasputin replied, “I know a guy. Now, you two. You’ve been thorns in my side long enough,” he raised his gun to shoot.

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